Paper Locket Photography was founded by love, life and art. Based in Houston Texas, PLP specializes in wedding photography and are available for travel worldwide. My style combines fine art and photojournalism to provide fresh, whimsical, and romantic images, that are both contemporary and timeless. I strive to create images that are sincere to your personality and vision and give you a relaxed and enjoyable photo session that you will always remember. If you would like information about my services you can contact me directly at paperlocketphotography@gmail.com or send a facebook message. I would love to hear from you!

Paper Locket

The name is meaningful to me because I have a fondness for the significance of a locket. It is a keepsake given to loved ones on a special occasion to hold a memory or cherished object. It is a symbol of love , of two parts creating a whole, and the sentiment it contains is just as important as the beauty of its exterior. This is exactly the sort of images I like to create and the experience I seek to give my clients. 


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